Car Insurance Discounts

First Ireland Discount InsuranceBootcamp Driving School in conjunction with First Ireland Insurance brokers and their car insurance partners present ‘Drive First’ offer Car Insurance Discounts. Any driver who completes the minimum ten hours of driving lessons with Bootcamp Driving School before taking out their first insurance policy is eligible for this exclusive 20 % discount. The discount is effectively an introductory No Claims Bonus with extra discounts and can be built on year after year until you reach the maximum No claims Bonus. This can mean great savings in the first year and continued over several years. For details on insurance call First Ireland on 01-8820862. For details on driving lessons contact Eamon on 085-8825281and be sure to ask  for your Drive First certificate once you have completed your ten lessons with Bootcamp Driving School

When you complete 10 Driving Lessons with Bootcamp Driving School you will be provided with a signed and stamped Certificate (shown below) demonstrating to  First Ireland Risk Management Ltd  that you have taken the appropriate amount of lessons and in turn will be rewarded as seen below.

This will entitle you to a 1 YEAR NO CLAIM DISCOUNT which = 10% off the cost of your first Insurance premium. First Ireland Risk Management will then apply a further discount of up to an additional 20% resulting in a massive saving of 30%.