Rules of the Road


The purpose of the Rules of the Road is to save lives and prevent injury on our roads. The rules apply to all road users: drivers, pedestrians, motorcyclists, horse riders and cyclists. The rules are written in plain English to encourage good behaviour on the road.

The rules ask us to take personal responsibility for our use of the road, and in doing so become better, safer and more socially responsible road users. The Rules of the Road are designed in an easy to read format. It is your responsibility to read the rules and know them. At the back of the book is a Glossary that explains some of the terms used. The rules are also published in Irish.

The rules comply with and reflect the Road Traffic Law as at 1 March 2013. Where planned changes in the law are known with certainty a comment is included in the appropriate section to ensure the content reflects them. It is important to check the relevant section of the Road Safety Authority web site for updates.

We can save lives and prevent injury by changing our behaviour. Reading these rules and applying them will help achieve this goal.

It’s our responsibility.

It’s our choice.



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