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Interested in becoming a franchisee?

Your Low Cost Driving Instructor Franchise Package Includes:

  • Free Pupils – no commission charges – no referral Fees!
  • From €35 per Week.
  • Expert support from the Bootcamp Driving School.
  • Harness the power of our website – Strong Social Media engagement with our target market.
  • An unbeatable range of instructor benefits including up to 21 days franchise credit per year
  • Localised Websites dedicated to your Local Area, Graphics, Branding & Artwork Designs for all your Promotional needs, Access to Company Signage for Trade Shows
  • Company Wide promotion and advertising campaigns
  • Fantastic start up deals to help get you on the road and earning

Join Bootcamp Driving School – Independent Driving School Bootcamp Driving School is an Independent Driving School and is quickly becoming learner drivers 1st choice for Driving Lessons.  It is exclusively run by active driving Instructor Eamon Masterson. As an active Instructor he shares the daily experiences and understand that it takes to be a successful Driving Instructor. Our Franchise Program is the best Value in the Market starting at €35/week. Our franchisee program gives you a great foundation and a high chance of success as you are free to concentrate on your  “core business” while we take care of the rest from

  • Immediate Online Presence and Profile on our busy website
  • Initial training and on-going support;
  • marketing and administration advice;
  • the selling power of a known brand;
  • lower costs through group purchasing;
  • national and regional advertising campaigns;
  • customer lead generation through our website.
  • Bootcamp Driving School provide advice and moral support.

“Bootcamp Driving School ” now operates in Longford, Athlone, Ballymahon and Mullingar. What is a Bootcamp Driving School Franchisee? A Bootcamp Driving School Franchisee is a self-employed Driving Instructor, who delivers the highest standards in Driving Lessons to learner drivers.  We do not crowd areas so we only accept one instructor per area / density. Are you ready to Join the Team? Joining our team is a positive step towards new and fresh opportunities in your career as a Driving Instructor. As a franchisee you will have 100% of the support and backing of Bootcamp Driving School and our expert Instructor. The Right Fit! Our success is built on the skills and positive relationships we have with our dedicated Instructor, so it’s essential that we spend time meeting prospective Franchisees and making sure it’s the right fit for all of us. Why become a Franchisee? Franchising’s primary benefit is risk minimization. Starting a new business is risky. Most studies show that over 90%fail within three years. The primary reason that the failure rate is so high is because the owners have to go through the learning curve of operating a new type of business.  This is particularly true of recently qualified ADI Instructors or those Instructors who have opted for a career change. Franchising reduces that curve substantially. The experience of Bootcamp Driving School increases the potential for your success. Fees Our Franchise Program is the best Value in the Market starting at €35/week. The fees are used to fund operations and administration, train and support franchisees, market and advertise the brand, improve the quality our services, and build the brand in the marketplace increasing public awareness of Bootcamp Driving School. We also have discounted our administration fee to help you get started. This fee covers a variety of activities such as updating our website. Thank You! Thanks for taking the time to check out our Franchisee Program. If you would like more information on our Franchisee Opportunities then Please Contact us via contact form or mobile.